The ancient art of tent-making is flourishing in Rajasthan today. Over the past twelve years the British designer, Clarissa Mitchell has been redeveloping this romantic tradition with the local craftsmen for today's international market available exclusively from Raj Tent Club.

All the tents are made by hand using natural materials and employing many different local skills - block-printing, dyeing, tassel-making, embroidery, applique, rope-making, mirrorwork, weaving and many more.


The exteriors are all made out of water-resistant canvas and the interiors are in cotton sheeting with decorative detailing.

This unique collection of tents and accessories has been designed to create magical spaces for a variety of different events to take place in - for celebrations, weddings, christenings, entertaining, tourism, performance, yoga or meditation...
Individual orders can also be created to special commission.


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The exotic tradition of tents has touched the spirit and soul of many different cultures, capturing the imagination of nomads and free spirits throughout the world. North American Indians, Bedouins, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, Tibetans, Mongols, Mughals and Maharajas have all favoured the romance of life under canvas.
India and particularly the desert state of Rajasthan has always had a special nomadic tent culture. Whole tented cities were sometimes erected for royal weddings, special celebrations, durbars and hunting expeditions. In 1903 one of the most lavish and extensive examples of tented camps was set up in Delhi for the Coronation Durbar accommodating an astonishing twelve thousand, nine hundred and eighty-three persons! The Viceregal camp was superbly equipped with every comfort and luxury, with exquisitely presented camps from all the different Princely States and neighbouring kingdoms displaying the finest examples of local craftsmanship and materials.