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1. Mosaic mirrored dish Size:69cm diameter. 2. Brass lanterns. 3.Brass lantern 30cm. 4. Pink and silver embroidered elephant. 50cms high. 5. Assorted cushions in various sizes. 6. Coloured glass votives. 7.Silver perforated votives with bright coloured interiors. 8. Cushion. 9.Gold elephant votives. 10. Silver table lantern. 11. Silver filigree table lantern. 12. Cushions. 13. Antique brass trays 14. Moroccan patterned silver trays 15. Round stamped silver tray 39cm and oblong silver tray stamped tray


A selection of unique accessories are available for sale or to rent.

These include exotic brass, silver or coloured lanterns, glass votives, mosaic mirrored, brass and silver trays
and assorted embroidered cushions.

Please contact us for full details.